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Bioutsourcing International Consulting



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We obtain the established aims.

Professionals with over 30 years of experience in international trade.

We plan appropriate strategies.

Security and confidence to deal with new horizons.

Specialists in logistics, customs, procurement and international negotiation.

Experts in international trade.

We guarantee confidentiality to our customers under contract.



Complete management of the Department of international trade

Opening new markets

Search for new customers and follow up

Consolidation of sales abroad


Study of business opportunities

Socio-economic analysis of the different selected countries

Study of risks

Investment analysis


Preliminary and complete marketing studies

Elaboration of the SWOT

Analysis and implementation of strategic and marketing plans

Analysis of own resources and needs


Logistics study by operation

Hiring of means of transport chosen

Control and monitoring of logistics operations

Search, choice and procurement of logistic bases in free trade zone

Documentation generated in source control

Presentation of customs clearance

Liquidations of VAT and duty


Selection of media collections and payments

Analysis of letters of credit

Review and analysis of documents for receipts and payments


Choice of means of transport suitable for operation

Complete vessels chartering

Chartering of container regular line and out sider

Air cargo Charter

Multimodal transport

That I can bring you in EXPORT

Any questions on exports ?

5 questions that we have to do when we want to export our products to other countries, and that from BIOUTSOURCING, we give simple, precise answers.

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Our answer to that question e:
Know if our company and our products are ready to go to the foreign market, is essential. A previous study to clarify us the possibilities of the company with regard to internationalization.
Our answer to that question e:
Choose your target customer and market as well as appropriate distribution channels is the first step that we have to cover to efficiently address internationalization.
Our answer to that question e:
The search for customers abroad is a task that can be arduous and complicated in the internationalization. The language barrier, lack of time or lack of appropriate distribution channels more difficult to make our product overseas.
Bioutsourcing team would carry out all these tasks on behalf of your company, libreando of this burden and assuming the role of becoming its own Department of international trade.
Our answer to that question e:
Exports require a few different national sales paperwork. Exemptions from VAT, customs procedures, certificates of origin, transport documents... etc requires a precise knowledge of their management.
Our answer to that question e:
Media collections and international payments elected properly, guarantee the absence of risk of defaults in our sales. 'A sale is not a sale until you are not charged'

That I can bring you in IMPORT

Alguna pregunta sobre Importaciones ?

Before performing an import arise us questions and doubts that we want to answer from BIOUTSOURCING.

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Our answer to that question e:
Is the first stage at which we find ourselves at the time of import and perhaps the most important. In Bioutsourcing, we find, manage and negotiate without limitation of languages, the supplier best suited to their needs. Find a reliable supplier, serious and professional is key to the success of imports.
Our answer to that question e:
Once we have the provider, do not arise many questions in regards to international payments, so you know the most suitable payment method and insurance is essential for peace of mind.
Our answer to that question e:
Efficiently manage transportation allows us to significantly reduce our costs and therefore make our imported products more competitive. This is possible thanks to agreements having Bioutsourcing with the main international logistics operators.
Our answer to that question e:
Is very important to know perfectly well all customs processes. As specialists in customs, we manage all documents, certificates and permissions, as well as the settlement of VAT and duties, for the entry of the goods in the country.
Our answer to that question e:
Know the true costs of an import makes us very competitive. For this reason we calculate in a closed budget all costs, including customs costs before performing the import.

Who we are.

BIOUTSOURCING INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING S.L. is a company created by specialists in international trade and logistics, backed by over 30 years of experience in the sector. The objective pursued is to bring international markets for Spanish entrepreneurs, simplifying and obtaining the maximum performance of their exports and imports.

The greatest value of our company is Human Capital, a team with specific training in international trade, prepared and experienced which guarantees the professionalism in the various efforts that we offer to our customers with personalized service.

Aware of the interesting opportunity that offers trade, urge the companies to compete with guarantees of professionalism, significantly reducing their costs and thus increase their competitiveness.

Likewise, we perform tasks of representation of different companies, placing their products in the markets of any country in the world, speeding up bureaucratic, logistical and financial procedures.


Mobile phone:
+34 665 522 662

Fixed phone:
+34 958 042 173
+34 958 599 517


Eventos: Visits.

Eventos: Shipments.

Eventos: Fairs.

Eventos: Press.

Experience Professionalism.

These two words define the essence of our company. We fight for our clients, making us part of your company..

Creating markets.


Bioutsourcing acts as your company Foreign Trade Department. We deal with each and every one of the international tasks you need, adapting projects and costs to the size of your company.

New Markets

Bioutsourcing acts as your company Foreign Trade Department. We deal with each and every one of the international tasks you need, adapting projects and costs to the size of your company.


In Bioutsourcing we have the best professionals in the different fields of international trade. Our team will manage efficiently the diversification of its business overseas, and will be always available to solve any problem or query relating to international markets.


Economies of scale of a knowledge and joint management of issues relating to international trade, such as contracts, international financing, transport, logistics, documentation needed to avoid problems at customs...